April 18, 2014


Make A Difference Through Our Prequel Program

Our 4:30 Sunday “prequel” continues to develop into yet another wonderful opportunity in training and encouragement at White Rock Church of Christ.

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One of our greatest opportunities is to help train future generations to lead the church

This Sunday our “prequel” centers on speaker training. Please come out to hear Cody Rubit’s lesson. He is preparing for the Youth Led Worship at the end of the month and will use this time as a practice for him. Please encourge him by being here for him!

Every week we feature a different area of worship. The first week of the month we sing together. The next week we pray together. Any man willing to pray is called upon and asked to pray about specific things, plus whatever he wants to pray about. Prayer requests are also encouraged. The third Sunday is speaking. We will have people speak who normally do not have the opportunity. These speeches will normally be short, especially if he does not have experience. We want to encourage our men to learn this skill gradually by talking about things they know about very well. We will also have discussions by the preacher or other qualified men about lesson preparation and presentation skill. The fourth is Bible reading. On a fifth Sunday we will combine them all and have a prequel worship service led by people who normally do not have the opportunity.

These times are not only a time when we get together for devotional activities, they are times for encouraging one another.

This is a small effort to help hit a large goal of encouraging spiritual leadership development both in the worship assembly and outside of it. Anyone can say they want to develop leaders. Taking small steps is the key to achieving it.

Let us know your plans and activities to help encourage spiritual leadership growth. Tell us about it in the comments below!

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April 17, 2014


Faith Only? Here Are 21 Parts to Your Salvation

James said we are not saved by faith only. Let’s appreciate the monumental effort God made to bring us salvation and recognize the many parts that must come together to make it possible. Here is a list of 21 parts to your salvation.

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April 10, 2014


Don’t Shame These Top 5 Bible-Study-Ninja Skills

Most people own a Bible. Many read it. Fewer try to understand it. But most of the benefits of Bible study are out of this world (literally!), so you want to leaarn all you can! Here are 5 principles that will help you become a Bible-study ninja.

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April 2, 2014


Biblepalooza! In April

Biblepalooza! Come share in the reading of God’s word.

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April 1, 2014


Do You Know This One “Secret” to Lasting Joy?

We are often told that the secret to joy is to “put on a happy face”. Joy is never that shallow. Attitude plays a part in joy, but there is one oft-ignored “secret” to lasting joy that is much more meaningful and much deeper.

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